Smarter Cities with the CitySDK

Last week my colleague Tom Demeyer and I attended the kickoff of a new European project called Smart CitySDK (Service Development Kit). The CitySDK project aims at defining generic services for usage in the domains Participation, Mobility and Tourism. The services give access to Open Data from one or multiple suppliers and will be the same in different cities across Europe. Together with different partners from Finland, United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey we talked about our goals and how we aim to achieve them.


For cities and developers
This pan-European collaboration makes it easier for application developers to supply applications that can be used across Europe and for cities to provide Open Data in a way that it is easy for developers to build applications with. To get there we need to identify technologies, standards, protocols and interfaces that are suitable for these services. After identifying we will package these and pilot them in different cities across Europe, including Amsterdam. The challenge within this project is to identify the common and specific needs of the different cities involved.

Mobility Framework
Waag Society is responsible for the development of the Mobility Framework within the CitySDK. For this we will work together with the City of Amsterdam, Transport Department Amsterdam and Universities in the Netherlands. The goal of the Mobility Framework is to define services that help developers get their users to travel in a more personalized way.

Last week gave us a good overview of the specific needs of the different cities involved and gave us a more clear view of the work ahead of us.

If you want more information on this project, visit this page. Or contact Gregor Abbas.

The CitySDK project fits in the activities of the Future Internet Lab of Waag Society. This Lab researches the internet of things, open data and transparent government.

About Waag Society

Institute for art, science and technology. Waag Society is situated in Amsterdam and develops creative technology for social innovation.
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